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SPEECH - DVA is letting down veterans - Luke Gosling OAM MP | Federal Member for Solomon

SPEECH – DVA is letting down veterans

CANBERRA – 2 June, 2021

I rise to talk about the treatment of veterans, and in particular about the wellbeing centre for Darwin, where there’s no money in the budget for it, and the DVS office in Darwin remains shut.

One of the things that we’re giving feedback to the Federal Government about the terms of reference to the royal commission is around the availability, quality, and effectiveness of health, wellbeing and support services.

Meanwhile, the DVA office is shut, and there’s no money for the Veterans Wellbeing Centre in the budget.

Now, I’m very honoured to have one of my former soldiers with me tonight here in the chamber.

James Duthie served with me in the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment.

We went to Malaysia in the early 90s, where Duth actually picked up an ear infection.

Which through his service in the mortar platoon – mortars are very loud, Mr Deputy Speaker, if you can imagine a thing exploding, it’s very loud, it causes permanent hearing loss.

Now, when Duth got hearing aids, after a big battle with DVA, after about five years he received hearing aids.

DVA accepted the hearing loss was due to his service, but when it came to replace them, they just wanted to give him a basic model instead of excellent hearing aids, which he, of course, deserves, having that hearing loss from his service.

There are so many things that this royal commission into veterans and defence members needs to address, and that is one of them.

These people need to be looked after.